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No pictures of chaps in hard hats staring at workstations or holding clipboards.  No anonymous pictures of process plant.  No vague platitudes. Simple and straightforward. We won't waste your time or insult your intelligence.


TDS offers a portfolio of consulting and contract engineering services in support of process plant design, operation and maintenance. 

Your time is a precious resource.  We understand and respect this.



  • Any enquiry from you will not incur nuisance communications; any follow up contact will be at your explicit invitation.
  • Any preliminary interview will focus on an honest exploration of the scope to add value to your business.  If none is identified at that time the matter will end there.
  • TDS will not promote specious offerings that do not add value to a client's enterprise; this would be contrary to TDS's interests in establishing ongoing associations and in maintaining its reputation in the wider professional engineering community.

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