Process Control


The company is named in testimony to the teachings of Greg Shinskey, the well known author and guru in matters of process control.  Shinskey advocates approaching process control in terms of time domain rather than frequency domain analysis.


Process plants are not particularly susceptible to frequency response analysis and simpler and more intuitive solutions can normally be identified in the time domain.  Consider; a trend recording displays the time domain response of the plant!


Greg Shinskey was formerly Chief Applications Engineer with the Foxboro Company, where I was employed during the eighties; he mentored my development as a process control engineer and I am pleased to here pay due tribute to his teaching.


TDS offers a range of support in process control matters:

  • Development of control strategies
  • Troubleshooting of control issues
  • Optimisation of processes


You will likely be surprised by how much can be achieved simply by optimal configuration of the control system you already have!  The correct application of techniques such as feedforward, constraint control, multiple output control, co-ordinated unit control etc. can do wonders for your process.


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